Here is a one-of-a-kind custom Humidor that I built this past fall. The design is a continuation of my industrial style combining wood and metal into an elegant modern cabinet.

The client was looking for an industrial look featuring lots of metal and blackened wood. I chose to break up the sides of the piece with a unique solid stainless steel rod “pin stripe” There are three of these on each side of the cabinet.

The base has two semi circles of stainless rods and those rods also make up the pulls for the door and drawers of the cabinet.

Behind the door there are 6 drawers all in Spanish Cedar. This whole compartment is has the humidity controlled by and electronic humidification system. The main humidification unit is in the bottom drawer and has a fan to distribute the moist air up into the cabinet. There are miniature fans behind each drawer to promote even air flow throughout the cabinet. The sensor for humidity control is diagonally opposite the humidifier (top front left, versus bottom back right) to give an accurate read on the moisture in the cabinet.

The door is lined with Spanish Cedar and seals against a rubber gasket with two rare earth magnets. It pivots on a full height stainless steel piano hinge, that has been customized to fit the piece exactly.

There is a LED light strip in the cabinet that illuminates as the door is opened.

The two drawers below the door are not humidified and were created for storage by request of the client. They feature aluminum bottoms and dyed black sides.

All the drawers are dovetailed for strength, beauty and quality. The Cigar drawers are all constructed of Spanish Cedar and their bottoms have diagonal slots to better promote air flow.

The electrics are seamlessly integrated into the piece. The only electrical cord that is seen on the whole piece is the wire and plug which exits the back edge of the bottom left vertical panel.

Lastly, as with all of my pieces, the back is fully finished and appointed with an aluminum panel to match the front of the cabinet. This piece can be against a wall, or function as a stand alone element in a room


Here is the Humidor installed next to the custom scotch cabinet that I made the client

Lastly, if you’ve made it this far, a custom ashtray out of a massive chunk of aluminum that I made for the client.