Introducing the Nebula table. This is a major new piece that is intensely funky! The table itself uses a new bracket machined out of solid aluminum to join the legs to the top. The legs connect to each other on the bottom with an additional chunk of walnut. This is not a traditional table format!

Then there are the cables. 683 of them to be exact. Each one tipped in red rubber. This is densely packed bold explosion of movement! The cables hang loosely, you can run your hand though them and move them around. It is an element that just begs to be touched.

The corner brackets are a variation of those used on my Divergence table. I start with solid aluminum blocks that are 1.5″ thick. These are cut down and machined into the elegant shapes that you see. They are finished by blasting with glass bead- the same look as a Macintosh computer!  I put together a 2 minute video on the making on these, you can watch it here- Nebula table: Milling the Aluminum Bracket.

The table is made from walnut and measures 66″ long, 33″ tall and 13″ deep. Different sizes and woods are entirely possible. As with all of my pieces, the stainless steel hardware is all turned and polished.