I’m very excited to introduce four new tables. These tables are built with an extreme visual structure based on a grid. They have a extreme quantity of “legs” and cross member elements which visually resonate. They blur the boundaries between sculpture and furniture. Each piece has its own personality and concept. All of the pieces can be ordered with different woods.

Metis Coffee Table

Industrial brackets connect the many elements of this square coffee table. 16 legs visually vibrate your eyes.


Elara Coffee Table

A gradient from dense to sparse of legs with a single cross over detail. The 22 legs are varying heights which occasionally reach the glass.


Kalyke Pedestal

Six layers of structure define this unique pedestal. The top is a veneered wood, and it can be ordered in glass as well.


Europa Hall Table

Europa is an intoxicating frenzy of elements which cross and overlap and resonate. 25 legs touch the floor and the glass. 45 horizontal elements create the structure.