Acrylic Argon is a stunning new coffee table made from 1.5″ thick acrylic, aluminum and stainless steel cable. The Crystal clear acrylic allows an unobstructed view of the helix twist of the cables. The four legs are made from 2″ thick solid aluminum. To affix the cables, I came up with a new proprietary piece of hardware, allowing each cable to attach in a single point. This adds to the overall feel of the table creating an amazing visual experience. The edges of the acrylic pick up the interior elements and reflect them like a prism. It’s really a amazing combination of materials that is best experienced in person.

This is the second lucite table that I have done with Plexi-craft. This is the follow-up to Acrylic Divergence. The combination of the sleek lucite and my aluminum joinery and Stainless steel cable is a winner! Expect more pieces in the future!








acrylic-argon-det2 acrylic-argon-det1