This past winter, I had a commission to build a bed and two nightstands out of sapele and aluminum featuring some of my stainless steel cable. The cable pattern on the bed is based upon my wall sculpture, WS2. I am really pleased with how the set came out, It has a tremendous presence and my clients were thrilled.

The bed is comprised of almost 500 parts. Compare that to my Tangent Liquor cabinet which has 270 parts and you can get a sense of how complex a piece like this is. The box aluminum components are a detail that I pioneered in my Zero table. They translated very nicely to the bed.

Making custom pieces based upon my furniture is something that I get to do a number of times a year. It starts with talking to my client about their needs and looking at their home. We also talk about which pieces they respond to as well as budget. From there I work on sketches and ideas. Designing custom pieces is a conversation. The original sketches are further developed into a build ready idea. This custom bed went through number of incarnations until the perfect design for my clients needs was settled upon. The end result is a bed that fits their lifestyle perfectly and becomes a major focal point in their bedroom.

Handmade modern Bed