Every August my town of Saratoga Springs gets transformed into the horse racing capitol of the world. Aficionados convene here from around the globe to attend the horse races at Saratoga Raceway and enjoy the town of Saratoga Springs. The biggest race of the year is the Travers Stakes and the town really gets energized. I was asked by Sundari Fine Art to place some furniture in their window for Travers weekend and took them up on the invitation.

Sundari Fine Art is located next to Mrs London’s bakery, a world class bakery that we take advantage of as frequently as possible. If you haven’t had an Almond Croissant from Mrs London’s, you haven’t visited Saratoga Springs.

Sundari Fine Art is on the second floor, but they have a window on the ground level. I have two pieces in the window and another upstairs. You can see my Jupiter Bench clearly in the picture below.