I recently built a custom wine rack for a client and was so taken with the design I used it as the basis for a sister wine cabinet- the Infinity Wine Cabinet. I thought I would use this opportunity to write about the commission process and show what sister pieces look like.

The photo below shows the new wine rack and the very new wine cabinet. The wine rack holds 40 bottles of wine and the cabinet holds 28 bottles and has two shelves to hold a nice assortment of glasses.

Wine Cabinet adn wine rack

Here is the inside of the wine cabinet. I used aluminum slats in the back to pick-up the linear feel of the base. The doors latch with rare earth magnet catches.


The wine rack came about to fill a clients specific needs. He wanted something that held more wine than my Barossa WIne Rack. The concept was verbalized by him, his designer and me. I then drew up the following sketch to help visualize the piece.

Scan 76

The sketch was approved and the piece was underway. It required another run of my versatile aluminum end fittings The end piece is true to the sketch.