Galway buffet

I just got the photos back from my photographer of my recently completed Galway Buffet. This is a major new work for me that has loads of storage potential as well as the versatility to be customized to many situations. Different configurations can include drawers either behind the doors or exposed, as well as almost unlimited size options.

The Galway buffet is constructed of concrete, aluminum, stainless steel and solid wood. It has no plywood in its construction. The doors have a unique design to allow for the movement of the solid wood panels. The panels are set into grooved aluminum and pinned at the ends which focuses the movement of the wood to the center of the door where a tongue and groove expands and contracts with the seasons. The same system is used for the back panel which mimics the doors and makes the buffet versatile enough to be used as a room divider. The aluminum has a coarse linear texture to the faces which adds interest and picks-up some of the feel of the concrete.

The hinge is built into the aluminum strips which frame the doors. It is a take on a classic knife hinge using my own hardware. The design of the knife hinge is that it leaves the inside of the cabinet completely clean and unencumbered, while the hinges become a beautiful detail on the outside of the piece.

The pulls are stainless steel rods that, like the hinges, integrated into the aluminum of the doors. The ends are grounded by massive concrete legs which add stability and presence to the piece.