Introducing Jupiter XL- a slightly bigger version of my Jupiter bench. It is instantly an important member of my line.

Jupiter XL maintains Jupiter’s sleek nautical lines in a harmonious combination of metal wood and concrete. The Stainless steel rods are gently curved and the hole through the top centers over their intersection.

The new size is taller longer and wider. It measures 60″ long, 18″ tall and 13″ wide. It is available as pictured with Sapele dyed black and also in Walnut, Maple and Sapele.


At first glance it looks just like the regular Jupiter, but this bench stacks up to be just a bit bigger


That is the regular Jupiter on top


It still has all of the fine details that make Jupiter so visually dynamic, including the hole in the top revealing the intersection of the curved stainless steel rods.


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