I had a commission to build a custom height version of my Convergence table. I have had a great response to my original post on building a Parallam Table, so I figured this would be another fun one to document.

Here is a picture of Convergence, my Parallam coffee table. Those legs are actually four pieces of Parallam glued together. This custom table is substantially taller and needs even more blocks to make each leg


The first step is cutting down the massive timbers of Parallam to more manageable pieces. I recently bought a 16″ Makita circular saw to assist with this task and it is an amazing tool, albeit a scary one to run!


This creates a beautiful pile of pieces of parallam

They stack up to begin to reveal the beautiful endgrain. The stripes are from making two passes on a table saw in order to get through its 5″ thickness. These will be sanded out later.

Time for some glue


The stacks begin to grow.

Once constructed, they are sent through my wide belt sander. This evens out the roughness from the sawing process and makes the faces look like one board.

After sanding!

Here I use a little alternative thinking to support these massive legs while drilling holes with my gang drillpress.

The cables are completely random when they are first put into place.

Once stretched, they form a beautiful basket reminiscent of Einstein’s theory of gravity!


The completed table, ready for a glass top